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Fostering an environment for learning and discovery.

The Twos program at RNS&K provides opportunities for children to experience learning through a multi-sensory approach.   Through interactive classroom activities children are exposed to literacy, math, science, social studies in a play-based environment with a predictable daily routine which will help facilitate independence and confidence.

Program Goals

  • Increase self-awareness and promote a positive self-image

  • Increase independence - social, emotional, physical ability to care for oneself and adapting to new situations

  • Facilitate physical development - large and small muscle movement and eye-hand coordination

  • Encourage intellectual development - vocabulary development, critical thinking, and investigation and analysis through thematic units

  • Socialize with peers and follow classroom routines


Health & Safety

  • Daily sanitation of toys and other classroom materials

  • Regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces

  • Regular health screenings of children and teachers

  • CPR and First Aid certified staff

  • Medication trained staff


2's Daily Schedule

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