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Rockville Nursery School and Kindergarten!

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We offer full and part-time programs for ages 2 through 5 in an enriched and nurturing and loving environment (7:00 am - 6 pm) We embrace the Creative Curriculum as a plan to best meet the developmental needs of young children.  Our wonderful staff is highly qualified and trained to implement developmentally appropriate curriculums while recognizing individual needs and differences.

Rockville Nursery School and Kindergarten (RNS&K)  has been providing quality early childhood education in Montgomery County since 1943.  

We are MSDE approved and licensed by MSDE and HHS.

Our Programs


Two Year Olds

The Twos program at RNS&K provides opportunities for children to experience learning through a multi-sensory approach.   Through interactive classroom activities children are exposed to literacy, math, science, social studies in a play-based environment with a predictable daily routine which will help facilitate independence and confidence.

Three Year Olds

The developing minds of a three-year-old are embraced with a creative curriculum which fosters inquiry-based learning. Our Threes are saturated with literacy, math, science, social studies and the love of the arts.  

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Establishing strong foundations in preparation for future learning.  While maintaining our play base philosophy, our Pre-K program embraces a balance of a wide variety of topics such as formal handwriting, phonemic awareness, math, science, social studies, art & music.

Summer Camp

Everyone is welcome to participate in our weekly summer camp program.  Every week is a different theme including science, sports & games, waterplay, music , cooking, and special guest visitors!


Enrichment Rocks

The Enrichment Rocks program is being re-structured. Please check back soon for more information!

Coming Soon
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